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  • Swift to provide gateway to domestic real-time payments in the US - Finextra - "SWIFT’s solution for the U.S. market will provide banks with the opportunity to leverage a single platform, Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) for both SWIFT high-value payments and low-value TCH real-time payments. AMH is an orchestration layer that includes a gateway to the TCH RTP network, as well as other gateways and API's which allow financial institutions to connect to other non-SWIFT networks. "
  • Beijing’s public transport system gets an app for paying fares — but Apple isn’t invited - TechCrunch - "Already Tencent’s WeChat Pay and Alibaba’s Alipay services dominate China’s mobile payment space, which is estimated to have processed $3 trillion last year, but now Apple has missed out being part of what is sure to be a very convenient usage case. The Financial Times reports that Beijing’s public transport payments company Yikatong launched an app for ‘most’ Android devices that allows commutes to ditch their physical card and pay fares via their phone."
  • Square founder Jack Dorsey talks bitcoin and says blockchain is the ‘next big unlock’ - The Verge - "If you’ve been hearing or reading a lot about blockchain but you still aren’t entirely certain how to define it, you’re not alone. It’s something that Jack Dorsey, the chief executive officer and chairman of Square (and CEO of Twitter), describes as the “next big unlock,” something that, he notes, is normally applied to accounting terms but has the potential to “be applied to so much more.”"
  • Americans Love Ordering Pizza on Facebook - Bloomberg Technology - "Last month, TGI Fridays began letting customers foot the bill using their Amazon accounts. And pizza chains are locked in an escalating battle to adopt new ordering methods -- a contest that involves chat bots, voice-activated devices and social networks. Papa John’s International Inc. went to so far as to declare itself an “e-commerce company” this month after delivering surprisingly strong results."
  • Community banks stand to gain from blockchain — if they work together - American Banker BankThink column - "Technologists are also using blockchain to try to replace our needlessly difficult residential mortgage loan origination processes so that the process, from application to closing, can be reduced from a few weeks to a few days. Blockchain can also serve banks in the realm of the Bank Secrecy Act — where a distributed ledger can allow banks to share information on a publicly accessible (yet secure) platform."
  • Mobile Wallets Facing Competition From The Website / Card Combination - Payment Week - "While there was a lot made out of mobile payment systems in India following the recent demonetization effort that saw around 80 percent of the country’s currency rendered worthless, it turns out that mobile wasn’t the first stop for many users. Reports note that mobile wallets did see some hefty gains, but the big winner turned out to be the combination of cards and websites."
  • Amazon Macie helps businesses protect their sensitive data in the cloud - TechCrunch - "The company says the fully managed service uses machine learning to monitor how data is accessed and to look for any anomalies. "


  • Factor4 Announces Integration With Click a Waiter POS System - "Factor4, LLC, the leading provider of gift card and loyalty solutions to the SMB marketplace, has integrated its software platform with Click a Waiter Inc. Click a Waiter's innovative POS system features online and Facebook ordering solutions."


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